Music, music, music...

Waltz, please!

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We’d be delighted to organise the musical programme for your event. We don’t keep ‘big’ and ‘small’ events apart, nor do we neglect moderate budgets for the sake of huge ones. We are committed professionals, and we’ll do our best to make your event unique and enjoyable for yourself, your friends, partners, and guests.


Classical music


The Oxford English Dictionary says that 'classical music is generally considered to have a lasting value." That also means that the value of classical music grows in time. And in fact, it is eternal.

We believe we can make your event full of thrill and passion by taking on the eternal in music.

Select a musical programme of your own, we'll arrange it for you according to your taste, and your party will get unique style and colour of its own.


Folklore music


What is it that makes us different from other nations in today's global world? We think it's the cultural heritage and traditions: the roots of our identity, preserved in time.

Folklorika Ensemble offers a unique combination of instrumental, vocal, and dance folklore put together in a true spectacle: a reflection of our vast cultural heritage. You will witness the beautiful sound of folk songs and the sight of dances from all around Bulgaria. If you're looking for an original party of authentic spirit, then our folk programme is your right choice.